Directed by Sarah Myland
Short Documentary | UK | 17 Min
| Violet Pictures
World Premiere: The 32nd Melbourne Queer Film Festival UK Premiere: BFI Flare 2023

Two British artists: the lesbian portrait painter Sadie Lee and the non-binary writer Libro Levi Bridgeman happen to have been born on the same day. They meet to collaborate on a portrait of Libro and discuss their lives from the 1980s onwards. Now, after 3 years, Sadie is ready to uncover the painting. This short documentary follows Sadie and Libro’s friendship and the collaboration’s surprising reveal. The portrait is a first for art, important for queer politics and sensational to see. Showing a queerer side of queer we’ve never seen before.

Director Biography – Sarah Myland

Sarah has worked in television for 25 years and this is her first foray into the world of Short Films since leaving film school many years ago. Sarah trained as a Cinematographer achieving a BA in Film Video and Animation and an MA in Film Production (Lighting Camera). Sarah spent many years as one of the few female Lighting Cameramen in TV until a chance to move across the floor into production as a Series Director arose in 2010. The recent collaboration with close friend Sadie Lee also rekindled a relationship with Libro Levi Bridgeman, first formed at film school in a short lesbian film that Sarah worked on called “The Last Time”.

Director Statement

I jumped at the opportunity to do something different and make a film that told an important story at a pertinent time in the history of Queer Politics.


Director: Sarah Myland
Executive Producer: Julie Dickson
Producers: Jan Dunn, James Collie
Co-Producer: Sarah Myland
Associate Producers: Sadie Lee, Libro Levi Bridgeman
Editor: Matthew Humphreys
Director of Photography: Richard Hill
Sound: Stefania Fantini
Music by The McCarricks
Production Coordinator: Alan Jones
Makeup: Tinks Reding-Moore, Alison Rainey
Post Sound: Tom Stringer at LipSync Post
Post Production: Molinare

© Julie Dickson, Sadie Lee, Libro Levi Bridgeman 2022